How do you respond when someone asks you what your position is on a particular issue? How do we figure out what is right and wrong, and how do we know if we are right? As our denomination wrestles with the issue of human sexuality, this series will reflect on the questions and challenges that go into discerning what our position should be.

Through this whole series it will become clear that whatever perspective you take, the one position that all Jesus followers should share in common is “on their knees!”

You can find the recorded messages on YouTube by clicking on the image below. Below this you will find the message slides (with discussion questions) for each Sunday.

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Jan 17 — My Position In Christ (Slides)

Jan 24 — What About the Bible? (Slides)

Jan 31 — What About Sin? (Slides)

Feb 7 — What About God’s Judgment? (Slides)

Feb 14 — What About God’s Grace?

Feb 21 — What About the Church? (Slides)

Feb 28 — My Purpose in Christ (Slides)