Get ready for a 


Proceeds to go to the Lunch Program

Here’s how it works:

Maranatha staff will be releasing our flock of flamingos this week! These amazing birds have been trained to hone in on Maranatha members’ properties, but they are shy creatures and will likely try to stay hidden. For every day a flamingo remains on a property and is NOT FOUND, that member will charged a lodging fee of 10 dollars per day! (…Or an amount of your choice.  )

When you find a tropical friend on your property, you must let us zookeepers in the office know that you found it and where it’s going next! Take a picture with your new found friend and send it to us so we can track their migrating patterns. It’s then your responsibility to find it’s next roost. Please make sure when you’re rehousing a flamingo that you make sure the homeowner hasn’t left on vacation so it will eventually be found.

No pressure to participate – let the office know if you’d prefer a feathered friend doesn’t find it’s way to your place. Questions or comments for the zookeepers? Don’t hesitate to ask us!