Sermon Series

Apr 11 – “Can You See Him?” Sermon Series

April 2021 Series We believe that  Jesus is alive and that he is with us always, to the very end of time. But can you see him with us? Are we aware of how Jesus is with us, and what Jesus is doing in our lives. Join us as we consider how we can experience […]


Mar 15 – Habakkuk Sermon Series

March 2021 Series As we anticipate Good Friday and Easter we will spend some reflecting on the problem of evil, and how Jesus rescues us from evil and helps us to respond with faith, hope and love in the midst of difficulties. Please read through Habakkuk in preparation. Habakkuk: When God Seems Unfair (Mar 2021) […]


Jan 17 – Our Position in Christ (Jan-Feb Series)

How do you respond when someone asks you what your position is on a particular issue? How do we figure out what is right and wrong, and how do we know if we are right? As our denomination wrestles with the issue of human sexuality, this series will reflect on the questions and challenges that […]