Sermon Series

October 6 — October Sermon Series

As part of our annual “Partnership Campaign”, we are looking “intently’ into Paul’s letter to Philemon. Please watch the video on the book of Philemon found at Althpough we will look at the whole letter, the main text we will focus on v.6, “I pray that your partnership with us in the faith may be […]


July 1 – Summer Sermon Series

Join us this summer as we spend time with Jesus reflecting on Psalms 6-11, listening for how He is challenging, comforting and calling us to follow Him. “Shut Up Satan!” — Psalm 6 Norm Sennema (July 7, 2019) “God Knows My Heart” — Psalm 7 Janelle Sennema, Norm Sennema (July 14, 2019) “Who Is In Charge Here?” (Picnic […]


June 1 — June Sermon Series

We are looking beyond the narrow ideas of worship relating to our Sunday morning services, to the essence of worship as our experience of, and response to, the greatness and goodness of God. We will see how you really can’t worship well on Sundays if we are not worshiping Monday through Saturdays. “What Do We […]