Grace and the Law In response to requests about ‘the reading of the Law’ in church, I am spending this month focusing on God’s grace, and how the Law of God fits into this. The Law of God, as expressed by Jesus in Matthew 22:34-40, is the defining statement for understanding God’s will for our lives. We will look at our relationship to God and others, and see how grace is what holds it altogether.

See below for a helpful video from The Bible Project which sets the stage for the series.

“Grace Under Christ’s Law” — Matthew 22:34-40

Norm Sennema (Feb 2, 2020)

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“The Grace of Loving God” — Exodus 20:1-11

Norm Sennema (Feb 9, 2020)

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“The Grace of Loving Others” — Exodus 20:12-21

Norm Sennema (Feb 16, 2020)

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“Nothing” (Youth Service)

Dina Zomer (Feb 23, 2020)