Reuniting Heaven and Earth: As part of our 2020 Ministry Plan, we have adopted as a goal for worship: To grow in our day to day experience of the Lord, so that our hearts overflow with worship when we gather together. This month’s sermon series will look at how worship is something everyone does everywhere, all the time.

Based on the Lord’s Prayer, in particular the words ‘Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’, we will see God’s presence and power are meant to be experienced by everyone, everywhere and all the time. God is not confined to ‘heaven’, nor limited to sacred times, or places, or persons.

Prayer is how we relate to God in our day to day lives. We express our devotion to God with our praise, confession and thanksgiving. We express our dependence on God with our requests. This is not just something we do once in a while, it is our constant way of being and living in God’s presence, on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus restores us to relate with God everywhere and always!

See below for a helpful video from The Bible Project which sets the stage for the series.

“On Earth As It Is In Heaven”Matthew 6:5-15

Norm Sennema (Jan 5, 2020)

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“Everyday, Ordinary Worship!” Matthew 6:5-15

Norm Sennema (Jan 12, 2020)

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“Spiritual Warfare Worship”Matthew 6:5-15

Norm Sennema (Jan 19, 2020)

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“This is How You Should Live!”Matthew 6:5-15

Norm Sennema (Jan 26, 2020)

Helpful Video for Sermon Series

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