The Human Project: How Jesus Restores Our Humanity in a Dehumanized World

Starting Tuesday, January 5, Pastor Norm will lead a 4 Zoom Discussion on “The Human Project”, a video series available on RightNow media. We will meet each Tuesday from 1-2pm on Zoom. This group is for those available during the day and looking for thoughtful discussion!

Contact Pastor Norm if you are interested.

Course Description:

“We live in an era of polarizing political and religious disagreement. Despite the lip service our society pays to tolerance, it’s becoming more and more difficult to look past our differences and to recognize our common humanity. The way that we treat each other is a direct result of how we see one another, and our culture is full of warning signs that we aren’t seeing each other correctly. In The Human Project, Andy Steiger points to Jesus as the basis for rediscovering our common ground and our shared humanity. In Jesus we find not only that humans are unique, valuable, and bearers of rights and responsibilities, but also that our dehumanizing tendencies–our worst inclinations toward inhumanity–can be redeemed and restored. Jesus enables us to be fully human, and it’s in him that we rediscover the kind of relationships and society for which so many people today are longing.”

If you do not currently have access to RightNow media, you can register here!