September 2019

This is a series on the providence of God entitled “All Things for God”, based on Matthew 10 and Heidelberg Catechism LD 9 and 10, QA 26-28. Please watch the videos on the book of Matthew found at

At the beginning of each message we watch this video. It reminds us in a simple way that God’s purpose – and ours – is to restore God’s goodness in our messed up world. Jesus sends us to bless the world with grace with the promise that God will provide everything we need to succeed for His good purpose.

“He Who Sends You Will Provide!”Matthew 10:1-20, QA 26

Norm Sennema (September 1, 2019)

“He Who Sends You Will Protect!”Matthew 10:21-31, QA 27

Norm Sennema (September 8, 2019)

“He Who Sends You Will Reward!”Matthew 10:32-42, QA 28

Norm Sennema (September 29, 2019)